August 22

Podcast 1: What Is Uroflow?


In this introductory podcast we discuss the basics of uroflowmetry. We cover what uroflowmetry is used for, how it’s done, and what are the current limitations.

A uroflow exam is a simple painless procedure conducted by a urology office on men, women, and child patients.

A uroflow exam tests for how much a person urinates, the speed which the the urine comes out, and the length of time it takes for the patient to empty their bladder.

The exam is done by having a patient urinate into a special cup that is attached to an electronic meter which measures and provides the results with a paper print out. The printed document of the results is scanned and added to each patient’s file.

A uroflow exam is ordered by a doctor to check for bladder issues, prostate problems, cancers, or any other reason why there may be an obstruction in normal urination.

Modern day uroflowmetry is hindered by its inefficient traditional methodology. The paper print-out document and scan of the results is inefficient, prone to human error, and does not allow for organized searching of each patient’s file.

Most patients if given the choice would prefer to take their uroflow exam in the comfort of their home bathroom. Giving the test in a doctor’s office is not ideal because it makes patients anxious which can hinder an effective test sample.

The future of uroflowmetry is a mobile easy to use device that will allow patients to take the uroflow exam from anywhere. Test results will be uploaded instantly to the cloud and the individual electronic medical record without having to do any scanning. Medical billing will be automated and simplified.

Great link for a basic overview to learn more:…ures/uroflowmetry


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